Biologically pure water circuits

Probiotics – your chance to implement VDI regulation 2047

„The use of biocides is to be avoided whenever possible.“

Waropure® provides you with a safe and environmentally friendly treatment for the conditioning of water circuits based on probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms with positive metabolic properties that have been used very successfully for many years, among other things, in the surface cleaning of industrial plants.

Functional principle

When Waropure® is used, a community of beneficial bacteria forms on the surfaces. This leads to the breakdown of biofilms and the surfaces become visibly cleaner. Legionella and other hygienically relevant microorganisms lose their basis of life.

Waropure® benefits

With green technology and innovation

  • harmless for humans and the environment – for more work safety
  • no hazardous substance | Risk group 1 | GRAS
    No need for use of catch basins and hazardous material storage facilities.
  • very easy handling – lower consumption due to smart dosing technology
  • Clean surfaces: less cleaning downtime due to continuous cleaning of Waropure® probiotics
  • Reduced odour emission with efficient deposit control

Waropure® for industrial plants

Waropure® for sewage treatment plants

Waropure® for cooling water circuits

Fields of application

Waropure® is particularly suitable for keeping the following water systems clean:

  • Industrial water circuits
  • Cooling water circuits
  • Wet separators, air scrubbers
  • Fire-fighting water systems
  • Water tanks, water basins

Further proven application possibilities:

  • Catalase control in deinking plants
  • System cleaning of polluted plants
  • Landfill leachate treatment
  • Keeping filters clean (e.g. ultrafiltration)
  • Odour minimisation in wastewater sludge

Customer-specific solutions for your application:

  • Waropure® PHD:
    Highly concentrated probiotics for large-volume systems
  • Waropure® 100:
    Foaming system cleaner
  • Waropure® B:
    Efficiency booster
  • Waropure® PSD:
    Concentrated probiotics for small-volume systems
  • Waropure® 200:
    Non-foaming system cleaner

The use of probiotics is also effective in the sensitive hospital sector

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Our service for your benefit

In our in-house microbiological laboratory, we analyse the specific use of Waropure® for your application. We monitor the functionality of the probiotics applied from the initial use until the final adjustment of the system. Our technical team supports you afterwards at coordinated service intervals.

Many years of expertise

Take advantage of our large knowledge pool, which we have acquired through many years of cooperation with customers and universities. In many case studies we have verified the functionality of different probiotic systems on a scientific basis and in practical tests and successfully implemented them for our customers.

Waropure®: Request for expert advice now!

Easy and simple

On-site check

We check the conditions in your company

Laboratory test

We take water samples and test them in our
in-house laboratory


We present the results and advise you on your individual application

Provided that everything fits, Waropure® will be used in your water circuit.

Dr. Michael Hoogen
Business Development Waropure®

Hans-Jürgen Fillips
Industrial Water Treatment/Waropure®

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